The good news (essence) is that we are home from the hospital. Got "released" around 1100 and went home.

It has been a long road. There is truth in the thought that the older one gets, the "snap" there is in the bodily elastic. It took me (John) 7 days to recover from the colon resection surgery 20 years ago. The planned (hand-assisted lapriscopic) surgery was not possible due to the previous surgery so they had to do the "open" procedure. What does that mean? Instead a couple of small holes and an incision of about inches there is just one incision. Looks to be 10-12 inches long. Or at least it hurts for that much.

Originally the hospitalization was for 3-5 days. We were hoping for 3 which would mean surgery on Friday and home on Monday. It worked out to be the longer of 5 days. Still pretty good according to those who know.

This recovery just "feels" harder.

So for now, we are in the home of a friend while recovering. I have a follow-up appointment (where they will remove the staples) this Friday 16 December and a second follow-up (release from care) on 5 January.

We are hoping to still be allowed to leave the Atlanta area to spend Christmas with Megan and Justin.

Today I am exhausted (just walked the neighborhood). Need a shower and shave then trying to figure out where to sleep the next few days until the bed is an option.

Even in the ups and downs, good days and bad days of the hospitalization we saw God's hand, felt His presence and were ministered to by His people. Can't ask for more than that.

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